September Highlights

December 11, 2018 Ksenia Krasileva No comments exist

September 2018 – Welcome to the Krasileva lab group members, established and new

A warm welcome to Andrew Deatker who made it across the Atlantic. Andrew has been with the group for almost three years, and he is our specialist in working with wheat, including field work and molecular biology. He is also behind the lab heraldry, such as the Lab Logo in the top left corner (the plant with phylogenetic roots) and many others, that you can see here, here, and here. You can follow Andrew @RustChaser

Another warm welcome to Aman Sidhant and Celine Bellegarda, who have started in the lab as undergraduate researchers.

Aman is a computer science major who will be working with us on the mechanisms governing crop genome evolution. He already contributed to the lab by signing us up on Slack.

Celine is majoring in Molecular Environmental Microbiology and she is a winner of our SPUR program project call: “Conserved molecules in plant immunity.”

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