Krasileva lab members in bold


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In this paper, we show that NLR immune receptors with new fusions are distributed unevenly across the NLR phylogeny forming evolutionary hotspots. We also examine microsynteny and observe that NLR-IDs in grasses often form pairs with genetically linked NLRs from another clade, analogous to the RPS4/RRS1 pair in Arabidopsis.



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We review how plant NLR immune receptors are formed, activated and regulated on both genomic and protein level.



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This paper described sequencing of wheat mutagenized populations, creating a publicly available resource of >10,000,000 alleles in wheat genes.

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Our contribution to this paper included anchoring the wheat assembly to the genetic map, analysis of protein gene families and uncovering large scale translocations


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In this paper, we show that plant NLR immune receptors with integrated domains (NLR-IDs) are present across flowering plants and include variety of new protein fusions that hint at plant proteins targeted by pathogens and guarded by the immune system.


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