Krasileva Lab news recap 2019

May 9, 2022 Ksenia Krasileva No comments exist

The Gordon and Betty Moore Innovator 2019 Fellowship

We are thrilled to have our first grant at UC Berkeley. Ksenia and our lab were selected as one of only 5 recipients of the grant this year. The grant is focused on sustainable agriculture and boosting plant health through new protein engineering approaches (akin to antibody therapy for us humans) that will be able to recognize invading pathogens. This project stems directly from our discovery of plant immune receptors naturally prone to new protein fusions that can function as ‘baits’ for the pathogen.

Read The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announcement.

Pierre awarded Grace Kase Fellowship

Congratulations Pierre on receiving Grace Kase Graduate Fellowship Award 2019-2020 to investigate evolution of ‘Genomes under stress’.

New preprint: What genomics can tell us about aquatic vs terrestrial plant lifestyle

Erin Baggs has her new paper out on bioarxiv preprint: “Convergent gene loss in aquatic plants predicts new components of plant immunity and drought response”

Welcome our first rotation students at Berkeley!

Two new students, Pierre Joubert (microbiology) and Lorenzo Washington (plant) start their 3rd rotation with us today. Welcome to the Lab.

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