Current Lab Members

Ksenia Krasileva

Assistant Professor

231 Koshland Hall | kseniak [at]




China Lunde Shaw

Laboratory Manager


Erin Baggs

PhD Student in Plant Biology

Pierre Joubert

PhD student in Microbiology, DE in Genomics and Computational Biology







Mark Tiersma

Undergraduate Student (Molecular and Cellular Biology)







Daniel ChoAhn

Undergraduate Student (Molecular and Cellular Biology)








Julie Hibarger

Work-study undergraduate student


Rotation students

2019-2020 Lauren Hamm, (Plant Biology), Hang Xue (Plant Biology), Brady Lee (Plant Biology), Nathan Diplock (Plant Biology), Frances Grace Stark (Microbiology)

2018-2019 Lorenzo Washington (Plant Biology), Pierre Joubert (Microbiology)

Krasileva Lab Alumni

Andrew Deatker (2016-2019) Research assistant (UK) and assistant specialist (US). Currently, research assistant at The Sainsbury Laboratory.

Elisha Thynne (2017-2020) postdoc. Currently, postdoc at Max Plank Institute.

Celine Bellegarda (2018-2019) undergraduate student (Molecular Environmental Biology)

Aman Sidhant (Fall 2018) undergraduate student (Computer Science).

Reshi Shanmuganathan (Summer 2018) pre-doctoral student. Currently, PhD student with Claude Becker, Gregor Mendel Institute.

Ruby O'Grady (2018) pre-doctoral student. Currently, Science Communications Officer at John Innes Centre and The Sainsbury Laboratory

Dina Raats (2015-2018) postdoc

Paul Bailey (2015-2017) postdoc. Currently, postdoc at Kew Gardens

Christian Schudoma (2016-2017) bioinformagician and Super Cereals Research officer. Currently, bioinformatician at Earlham Institute

Joanna Feehan (2016) rotation student. Currently, PhD student with Jonathan Jones, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Marcus Watkins (2016-2017) MSc student

Amelie Heckmann (2016-2017) pre-doctoral student. Currently, PhD student with Fiona Doohan, University College Dublin

Gulay Dagdas (2015-2017) postdoc

Francesca Stefanato (2015-2016) research assistant. Currently, at the John Innes Centre.