Author: Ksenia Krasileva

December 11, 2018 Ksenia Krasileva No comments exist

September 2018 – Welcome to the Krasileva lab group members, established and new A warm welcome to Andrew Deatker who made it across the Atlantic. Andrew has been with the group for almost three years, and he is our specialist in working with wheat, including field work and molecular biology. He is also behind the…

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New blog posts! Before: A new lab in progress by Erin, documenting our progress (with a movie). Also, a faculty spotlight interview with Ksenia returning to her alma mater. SPUR project available for Fall 2018 Are you a Berkeley undergraduate majoring in Biology (2nd year and higher)? Consider applying to our Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research: “Conserved molecules…

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On June 15th in Rome, Ksenia received Carlotta Award for her contribution and leadership in wheat research. The award was presented by the President of the Italian Academy of Science, Emilia Chiancone, and a granddaughter of Carlotta Strampelli, countess Parisani (1868-1926, a pioneer of wide crosses in wheat). Photogallery from the event