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We combine blue sky science, technologies and translational research
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Krasileva Lab

Black lives matter

Full description of lab culture - see Krasileva Lab Charter

231 Koshland Hall, Berkeley CA 94720 kseniak [at] berkeley.edu.

Upcoming presentations

Main Presenter - Title - Conference information

In 2022-2023, lab members will be attending and presenting at The Biology of Genomes, iCAR, The Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction Congress, APS Plant Health 2023, International Congress of Plant Pathology 2023 and maybe more. Watch this space for the announcements of upcoming talks.

Ksenia - "Biodiversity of plant innate immune receptors and pathogen effectors" - The Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction Congress, Rhode Island USA, July 2023, plenary talk

Kyungyong Seong - "Alphafold's application to plant-microbe interaction" - CS18 AlphaFold: structural insights into molecular plant-microbe interactions, The Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction Congress, Rhode Island USA, July 2023, talk

Wei Wei - "Utilizing transcriptional control to engineer crops with broad-spectrum disease resistance and less fitness cost" - The Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction Congress, Rhode Island USA, July 2023, poster

Chandler Sutherland - "Genomic and Epigenomic Features Distinguish Rapidly Evolving NLRs from Conserved Paralogs" - The Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction Congress, Rhode Island USA, July 2023, poster

Ksenia - "Type of actions to be carried out to promote open science in your group/lab" - CS6 Revisiting the publishing system to promote open science, The Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction Congress, Rhode Island USA, July 2023, panel discussion

Ksenia - "Natural diversity and precise modifications of plant NLRs" - International Congress of Plant Pathology, Lyon France, August 20-25, 2023, talk

China Shaw - "Strategies and resources for improving durum wheat ‘Kronos’ - for stripe rust resistance and other traits"- APS Plant Health, August 2023

Rakesh Kumar - "Identification and engineering of broad-spectrum enhanced disease resistance alleles in wheat" - APS Plant Health, August 2023

Past talks (recorded)

Scientific conferences and seminars

Pierre Joubert - "Catching up to Fungal Plant Pathogens" - Pierre Joubert Dissertation Finishing Talk, May 15, 2023 - link to recording (1 hr seminar)

Kyungyong Seong - "Elucidating effector evolution through predicted structures" MPMI Virtual Seminar - Best MPMI Graduate Student Paper Award - link to recording (30 min seminar plus Q&A)

Ksenia - "Comparative structural genomics of pathogen effectors and plant immune receptors: from natural diversity to precise modification" UC Riverside, Sept 30th, invited seminar - link to recording  (1 hr seminar)

Pierre Joubert - "Characterizing the extrachromosomal circular DNAs of Magnaporthe oryzae and their potential role in adaptation" - The 31st Fungal Genetics Conference, March 15-20 2022 - link to recording (15 min talk)

Erin Baggs - "Lessons from loss; plant immune signaling pathways and pathogen interactions from land to water" - PhD finishing talk, January 13th - link to recording (46 min seminar with intro by Ksenia)


Chandler Sutherland - "It's Not Easy Staying Green: Understanding Plant Immune Systems" Ask a Science Envoy, hosted by Wonderfest: Bay Area Beacon of Science. " link to recording

Fraces (Grace) Stark - "Fungal Immune Systems with Grace Stark" - Central Texas Mycological Society, Nov 18th 2021 7-9PM CT invited talk. Open to public with livestream on Youtube - link to recording (~1 hr 30 min with discussion)

Who we are and what we do

Krasileva lab an inter-disciplinary group of people. Our common goal is to understand innate immunity; currently we are working with plants and fungi. We focus on evolution and function of immune genes, as well as the mechanisms that regulate genetic diversity. To read more about specific research projects visit About us and Publications.

The lab is located in Koshland Hall, we are part of Department of Plant and Microbial Biology as well as the Innovative Genomics Institute and The Center for Computational Biology at the University of California Berkeley.

If you are interested in joining the lab:

Undergraduate research: reach out to us directly before the semester begins or look for projects at URAP and SPUR.

Graduate students: we are part of graduate programs in Microbiology and Plant Biology as well as Center for Computational Biology. To discuss a rotation, please reach out a few weeks in advance.

Postdocs: please send Ksenia your CV and a list of postdoc fellowships you would like to apply for.

Staff: occassionally, positions become available. Please, watch this space or send us a note.

Our lab culture, summarized in the Krasileva Lab Charter, is built on honesty and transparency and open communication. We aim to maintain the highest quality of research and strongest work ethic without sacrificing our health or wellbeing of our families. If you have any questions about Krasileva Lab, do not hesitate to reach out to any lab members.

Lab News

May 2023 - Happy graduation!

Congratulations Dr Pierre Joubert! Pierre received PhD in Microbiology with DE in Genomics and Computational Biology this spring.

You can watch his finishing talk here - link

March 2023 - Hello Spring!

Happy St Patrick's day, Spring break and other holidays!

This month, we welcome new undergraduate, Ann Palayur, who will be working with China and Rakesh on understanding and improving plant immunity in #project-wheat.

Congrats Pierre, and Kyungyong on recent preprint and publications!

It's online! Altering specificity and auto-activity of plant immune receptors Sr33 and Sr50 via a rational engineering approach  doi.org/10.1094/MPMI-0  by  @JaninaTamborski  @KyungyongS  together with @FurongLiu  @bstask  you all saw it first  @biorxivpreprint

We have new preprint! Pathogens evolve as fast as their hosts. We looked into which genomic features are associated with rapid gene presence absence variation. Read new study by @pmjoubert  to find out more:

January 2023 - Happy New Year - recent news from the lab

Happy New Year, Lunar New Year and Chinese Spring Festival to everyone.

Thumbs up to Grace for outstanding re-launch of UC Berkeley Mycology Club!

Congrats Chandler, Anne, Pierre, and Kyungyong on recent preprint and publications!

Sutherland CA, Prigozhin DM, Monroe JG, Krasileva KVHigh intraspecies allelic diversity in Arabidopsis NLR immune receptors is associated with higher transcription, gene body hypomethylation, and proximity to transposable elementsbioRxiv 2023.01.12.523861; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.01.12.523861 Research article

Seong K, Krasileva KV. "Prediction of effector protein structures from fungal phytopathogens enables evolutionary analyses". Nat Microbiol.2023 Jan;8(1):174-187. doi: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41564-022-01287-6. Research article

Baggs EL, Stark FG, Tiersma MB, Krasileva KV "Pseudomonas isolates from ponds populated with duckweed prevent disease caused by pathogenic Pseudomonas species” bioRxiv 2022.12.09.519836; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.12.09.519836 Research article

Nakamoto AA, Joubert PM, Krasileva KV "Evolutionary dynamics of transposable elements in Magnaporthe oryzaereveal evidence of genomic transfer and key differences between rice and wheat blast pathotypes

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