Before: A new lab in progress !

August 21, 2018 Erin Baggs 1 comment

Before: A new lab in progress !


The Krasileva lab has moved to the University of Berkeley California! As part of the move Ksenia, Andrew (Research scientist) and I (Erin a 2nd year PhD student) have moved to Plant and Microbial Biology Department in Berkeley. Whilst the post-doctoral scientist Elisha Thynne and pre-doc Reshi Shanmuganathan are remaining at TSL where they will continue to be part of the lab.


Since moving, I have been asked what our new lab is like. It is indeed very different from the open plan lab space at TSL and the modern cosy offices at EI. Before we arrived the department began renovating the lab space we were moving into. During this time they changed the position of a wall, began cleaning the benches and emptying the break room. Due to the kindness of Bob Fischer whose lab space we have inherited  and the preparedness of Andrew, we were able to arrive to a lab with lots of great equipment that was ready to use. Despite this we still have a long way to go to get the lab just the way we want it. To begin with there is still some cleaning that needs to be done as well as purchasing of the equipment that we need.


The big changes we have planned for the space include converting the small room that adjoins Ksenias office into a bioinformatic suite, facilitating a clean and conducive environment for coding. In the lab space, we plan to designate a gel area and stock our benches and fridge/freezers. Currently our stocks are somewhere between the US and the UK so we look forward to a frantic day next week where we plan to relocate it all into our new lab space. In the break room we hope to create a cosy environment where the lab can relax during breaks and also hold journal clubs and informal meetings.


If you’re intrigued to see more have a look at the video tour…

PS. Janina I have put your name on the bench by the window next to Ksenia’s

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