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PhD - 2011, Microbiology, Designated Emphasis in Genomics and Computational Biology University of California, Berkeley, USA

BS  - 2005Plant Genetics and Microbiology University of California, Berkeley, USA


"Meet an IGI scientist -  Ksenia Krasileva" - an interview, July 2022 (link)

"From plant immunity to food security" - an interview with Ksenia Krasileva, BMC Biology 2018 16:123 (link

Video - "Comparative structural genomics of pathogen effectors and plant immune receptors: from natural diversity to precise modification" UC riverside, Sept 30th, invited seminar - link to recording (1 hr seminar)

Video - "From understanding natural diversity to precise modifications of plant immune receptors" - The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, USA, March 2022 - link to recording (1 hr seminar)

Video - The highly variable plant immune receptors and how to catch them, iCAR 2021

Video - Plant immune receptors, pathogen effectors and the evolutionary game of 'Go' that they play, North Carolina State University, Nov 1st 2021. invited seminar director's cut 55 min, with introduction by Prof Peter Balint-Kurti)

Video - Catching the right mutation - enhanced disease resistance mutants in wheat protect against stripe rust and other pathogens, America Phytopathological Society, 2021


2021 - NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

2019 - Gordon and Betty Moore Inventor Fellow

2018 - Carlotta Award for outstanding contributions to wheat research