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Lorena Parra


My personal research interests are focused on the plant genetic determinants related to resistance or susceptibility to biotic stresses, with special interest in the identification of plant resistance genes against pathogens, and creation of disease resistance vegetable crops varieties”

Dr. Parra completed her PhD in 2019 at the University of California Davis, where she worked in Richard Michelmore’s lab (UC Davis Genome Center) studying qualitative and quantitative resistance to Bremia lactucae, the causal organism of lettuce downy mildew, which resulted in the genetic characterization of several R-genes and QTLs for downy mildew resistance. After graduating, she worked in the characterization of NLR repertoires in different Lactuca species and cultivars. Her research in Krasileva’s lab will be focused on NLR-effector binding evolution, using yeast as a system to explore artificial diversity on protein–protein interactions.


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